Hey animal lovers and art critics, this weeks post is on the importance of memes in the mainstream media, and what they add to our society. Memes come in all shapes and sizes, and addresses all different kinds of problems that we have in society today. Most memes come in the form of comedic satire that users on the internet usually create themselves. Since I have been focusing a lot on domestic abuse for animals, I figured that I would share a meme that I thought related to the animal theme without losing any of the art concept as well. Instead of showing a depressing animal photo of a starved dog or matted cat, I figured that I’d share a more uplifting meme to change the whole tone of the concept of animal care. f1043d5507574cce545023a371eaeae3b3927dc06d2e12e8405d376ba70cb8c0.jpg

This cute little guy right here doesn’t want his owner to clean up after him, but if the owner neglects their responsibilities to care for the dog, then that can be considered a form of domestic abuse toward this cute doggy. Making sure that animals have a clean and safe place for them to eat and sleep is one of the requirements that pet owners promise towards when they adopt an animal.Obviously this meme isn’t serious, but unfortunately animal neglect is a huge problem within the United States. I’m hoping that everyone is having a good week and is doing their part to help where you can! I’m Preston, editor of Art for Thought, wishing you all a nice holiday season.

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Guest post!

Hey everyone! Moviebinger, movi3stoshare and I have finally completed our projects, and I am excited to share with you moviebingers own personal video project. In the video below, Pedro talks about the app The Restricted Adventures of Raja, which puts kids in situations and talks about taking care of animals, as well as reviewing Marley and Me, a movie that he believes shows the perfect pet and owner relationship.

“Hey there fellow Movie Bingers!! This your editor Pedro Guarin here to talk give you an update on the collaborative Campaign that Art for Thought( and Movies to Share( and I have been developing over three past few weeks for the non-profit animal rescue organization, RedRover. Now as you know, RedRover helps rescue animals that are put in really tough situations and helps find them a proper and safe place to call home and loving people to take good care of them. The screencast I have posted, using the app Screencast-o-matic, talks about RedRover’s Learning program, specifically involving their Ebook, The  Restricted Adventures of Raja, which is a program that helps teach kids the importance of empathy for animals as well as create problem solving situations that involve using empathy to help solve them. for more information, please click on the link provided to learn more ( I will also be doing a movie review on the movie Marley and Me, which is a personal favorite to me and a movie that encapsulates empathy for animals perfectly.”

Please go  read Pedro’s entire post as well as Caitlin’s! They both are very passionate when it comes to this organization, and are like the other kind people that believe in good treatment of every single animal out there. Thanks for sticking around and listening to all of the awesome information that we got to share with you through this platform. I hope you all open your hearts this holiday season and help this amazing cause. Once again, I’m Preston, hoping you all have an awesome day.

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RedRover and Guillermo Vargas!

Hello all you art lovers and animal owners! Finally, the project you’ve all been waiting for. I have finally finished my video reviewing RedRover‘s organization website in addition to my commentary on Guillermo Vargas, the “artist” that supposedly starved a stray dog as part of an art exhibit in Nicaragua. I’m using the screencastomatic software once again to record this screencast, and I’m hoping you all enjoy my review on the subject material at hand.

Within the next couple of days, I will be sharing one of my group members final project on my website as well, so that everyone can see and hear their reviews on factual animal documentaries discussing cases of abuse towards domestic animals. Please keep an eye on movi3stoshare and moviebinger‘s blogs to see their important content. We hope the information we’ve shared with you all inspires you to go out and do something to help animals in need in your own neighborhoods, and if you can, please donate to RedRover! Once again, this has been Preston on Art for Thought. Take care and Happy Holidays!

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RedRover Yelp Review

In the Yelp review of the RedRover Pet Resort, multiple people add to the page in order to post (hopefully) honest reviews of their opinion on the service. On the page, the users profiles are public and have a profile photo with all of their reviews, which I believe makes  the source more reliable, especially because the viewer can see everyday individuals give their opinion and the viewer can look specifically at their profiles. The creators of the reviews don’t gain much from sharing their content, unless they are paid by the organization to leave a positive review. It’s other people who gain things from them sharing their opinion. Other individuals who are interested in the Pet Resort can look at the comments on the page and decide whether or not they want to use their service. They could, however, have their account deleted from posting something inappropriate about the service that might be untrue. Because these people own pets of their own and trust RedRover enough to care for their animals, I trust their comments more than if they were individuals who did not own pets. Since my A/V project consists of me reviewing the artist that abused a dog for an art exhibit, I have to make sure that the content I share is written by reliable sources and people who aren’t bias or hidden behind a computer screen.

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A little update!

Hey everyone, just a little update about what’s happening with my group for the RedRover organization. We’ve been working on our own individual audio and video projects over the past week, and so far we haven’t hit any creative blocks. We each know what we’re going to base our videos on, and we’re planning out what we’re going to review in each of our projects. Since movi3stoshare and moviebinger are movie related blogs, they will be focusing on reviewing some documentaries on domestic violence and the unethical treatment of these animals, while mine will take more of an artistic approach and review artist Guillermo Vargas, an artist who allegedly starved a dog as part of an art exhibit piece. Although we’ve been working on this project for a short amount of time, we have accomplished a few milestones, such as fully planning out what we are doing in terms of A/V project, and we have added a few sections to our group paper we are writing along with our individual projects. In addition, Caitlin, Pedro, and I know exactly what we’re going to say in our projects to help spread awareness for this awesome organization. I know that the milestones coming up that we will complete next are things such as filming for the projects, as well as coming together to finish our paper. We understand how important it is for this organization to succeed, and by visiting the website the viewer can already see that, but we’re hoping to spread the word to those who maybe have not heard of RedRover and help where and when they can.

Thanks for being patient you guys, we are working hard and diligently on our projects, and we’re hoping that you are as excited as we are!the_dog_by_bauderart.pngThe Dog by bauderart on DeviantArt.

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Collab for a Cause!


Image borrowed from @redroverorg on Twitter.

Hey art AND animal lovers, it’s Preston, the author of Art for thought on WordPress. I have paired up with Pedro (moviebinger) and Caitlin (movi3stoshare) to create a common theme discussing the non-profit organization RedRover, an organization based in Sacramento, CA that provides care for domesticated animals that are not treated ethically, and provides financial assistance and education for those with animals. In addition, this organization includes emergency sheltering and disaster relief services. As a group, we are going to publish audio and video posts on our websites about RedRover and the unfair treatment of animals. will be creating a video post about an artist who starved a dog for an “art exhibit,” as well as discussing the importance of this organization and what they do for pets. I will also be featuring my teammates projects on my site as well. Stay tuned to,, and to see what my team creates, and be sure to check out RedRover to learn more about this organization and find out how you can help those in need. Until next time, I’m Preston, author of Art for Thought, hoping you check back to see new and exciting content on my blog!

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Helpful tips

Hey everyone, it’s Preston. As many of you know, I made this website with the sole purpose of helping fellow artists gather inspiration and stay connected, hence the title of my blog. Going into further detail on the matter, I found a video on YouTube that I’d like to share by user ArtistsNetwork. This particular video is about 10 techniques that acrylic painters can use when they are working on their pieces, and I figured it would be beneficial to share it on my website to help those who need some new techniques when working with this specific medium.

The other video I wanted to share this week is by a YouTuber names simplimaci, and her video discusses the tips and tricks for starting a successful art Instagram account, as well as how to gain followers. I personally find this important if you enjoy creating art enough to try to make a living off it, as having a successful following makes it significantly easier to receive income as a freelance artist. Her video is a little longer than ArtistsNetwork, but in the description box she links different times in her video with what she talks about, such as watermarking your artwork and being active on Instagram.

Hopefully you all can learn something from these videos to better yourself as an artist! I’m Preston, and this is Art for Thought. Have a good week!

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